Device Diagnostic and Repair Services

Here at AC Services we offer diagnostic and repair services for almost all devices from Broadband Routers to Smartphones, Tablets and Computers!

Most software based issues we can handle in house making the job quick and affordable! However on the odd occasion we may have to send your device away to our specialist repair partners in order to get the issue resolved effectively and affordably!

For all Computer and Minor Laptop repairs we can handle this in house making it easy, quick and affordable! However for major laptop work we may have to send your device away to or specialist repair partner.

For Smartphone and Tablet repairs such as screen or button replacements for some makes and models we are now able to repair in house making it even more affordable to you! however for other makes and models we may have to send your device away to our specialist repair partner as they have all the necessary tools to effect such repairs quickly and cost effectively.

If you have a Smart Device or Speaker in your home and you are having problems with it you can make an appointment and we can come out to your home and diagnose and fix the issue.

Down to business… How Much Does it Cost?

Computers, Laptops and any other device not listed are charged at £25 for a no obligation diagnostic.

Smartphones and Tablets are charged at £20 for a no obligation diagnostic.

Smart Devices and Speakers are charged at £15 for a diagnostic, This service incurs an additional £10 call out fee as we have to come to your home so £25 total! and again its no obligation.

Once the diagnostic is completed we will contact you and quote (inclusive of the diagnostic charge) for any repair work to be done at this point you can choose to go ahead with the repair work or pay the diagnostic charge by its self and have your device returned to you in an un repaired state.

What do I do next?

If you need us to preform a diagnostic on your device then the next step is to make an appointment to drop off your device to us you can do this by Contacting Us

If you want us to diagnose an issue with a smart devices or speakers please Contact Us and we can arrange an appointment to visit your property!